The Environment-Conscious BMW i3

BMW i3 pic
BMW i3

Prior to making his mark in commercial real estate development, Bill Schwyhart helmed multiple car dealerships. Hart Motors, Bill Schwyhart’s dealership specializing in sales of BMW and select other vehicle brands, achieved landmark customer satisfaction results, regularly performing in the national top 10 for overall satisfaction.

Luxury car manufacturer BMW offers a line of electric cars, one of which is the BMW i3. The all-electric i3 can drive 114 miles on a single charge while the model of the car imbued with a Range Extender can drive up to 180 miles per charge. The BMW i3 seats up to five passengers, similar to a conventional BMW 3.

BMW engineered the i3 for efficiency and performance using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP). This material has the strength of steel, but carries only 50 percent of steel’s weight. As such, it is one of the lightest vehicles in BMW’s lineup. The i3 manufacturing process also sets the standard for sustainability, requiring 70 percent less water and 50 percent less energy than standard BMW vehicle production. Even the German manufacturing plant that produces these vehicles runs on 100 percent renewable energy.