Business Lessons in Lee Iacocca’s Autobiography

Lee Iacocca pic
Lee Iacocca

During his time at Marshfield Chrysler Dodge, Bill Schwyhart was counseled directly by Lee Iacocca. As president and chief executive officer of Hart Motor Company, Schwyhart continued to refer to Iacocca’s highly revered autobiography. In his current role as the founder of Pinnacle Hills in Rogers, Arkansas, his enthusiasm for the book remains.

Iacocca: An Autobiography, written by American automotive business executive Lee Iacocca and co-author William Novak, is a chronicle of the successful leader’s time with the Ford Motor Company and the Chrysler Corporation. The book was immensely popular upon its release in 1984, finishing both 1984 and 1985 as the best selling non-fiction hardcover book.

The book’s two main sections, entitled The Ford Story and The Chrysler story, serve as business lessons in advancing through the ranks of an organization on the merits of hard work and innovation, and rehabilitating a business on the brink of bankruptcy, respectively. The book also includes insights into Iacocca’s childhood and education at Princeton University as well as his beliefs on subjects such as the importance of seat belt usage and the rising costs of labor.